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Download Forms

How to complete an e-form

How to attach a file to an e-form - Please Click Here

How to sign an e-form with e-Cert - Please Click Here

How to submit forms

Submission by electronic means
Before submitting the forms by electronic means, please ensure that
all required documents are attached to the forms; and the forms have been signed by all required parties with valid e-Certs (“digital signatures”).
The forms can be submitted electronically through:
GovHK - Please Click Here to submit the forms Encrypted email - Please attach the forms to an email , encrypt the email with e-Cert and send it to vhis_esubmit@healthbureau.gov.hk. Before email encryption, please download the Health Bureau’s e-Cert (Encipherment) certificate from the Hongkong Post.
Important Note
Digital signatures require a valid Hongkong Post e-Cert (Organisational) certificate issued by Hongkong Post or Organisational ID-Cert (Class 2 and Class 5 only) issued by the Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited. Please observe the e-Cert user guide of the Hongkong Post for details on the use of e-Cert. e-Forms will become read-only once the digital signature(s) are inserted. Please ensure that all required documents are attached before the forms are signed digitally. Each e-form, including all digital signatures and attached files, should not be greater than 5MB.
Submission by hardcopy (requires longer processing time)

Please submit the signed form with company chop and all required documents by post or in person to:

VHIS Office
Unit 2902, Millennium City 6
392 Kwun Tong Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
(Attn: Compliance Team)