Welcome to Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme’s website

The Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Office starts accepting submission of applications from insurance companies for registration as VHIS Providers and certification of insurance plans since 1 December 2018. For enquires about the application procedures and requirements, please contact us by vhis_enquiry@fhb.gov.hk.

We have uploaded two leaflets to the website, one on VHIS and the other on tax deduction. After reading them, we are sure you will have a general idea on VHIS and the tax deduction arrangement. Other VHIS Scheme Documents, i.e. “VHIS Certified Plan Policy Template”, “Code of Practice for Insurance Companies under the Ambit of the VHIS” and “Product Compliance Rules under the Ambit of the VHIS” are also uploaded to the website. The VHIS Certified Plan Policy Template illustrates the minimum requirements on the policy structure, terms and benefits of Certified Plans under the VHIS, including Standard Plan and Flexi Plans. The Code of Practice sets out the required conduct and practices to supplement the VHIS Certified Plan Policy Template. The Product Compliance Rules under the Ambit of the VHIS sets out the product design requirements for an insurance plan to be certified as VHIS compliant and the relevant product certification procedure. You can find all these documents under the section of “Information Centre”.

We hope you would find the website useful. Happy surfing!

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